AD #1832 – Mahindra Sued for Fraud, GM Scores Ignition Lawsuit Victory, 1st Look: Formula E’s Roborace Car

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Tesla Model 3 Unveil Tonight - GM Winning Ignition Lawsuits - Mahindra Sued for Fraud - Student Essay Contest - Ford Creates New Dynamometer for Super Duty - Peugeot Updates Expert Van - 1st Look: Formula E’s Roborace Car

On today's show time night is the night that Tesla unveils its much anticipated model 3 General Motors scores 2 major victories in its defective ignition lawsuits and autonomous race cars are ready to hit the track on that mark coming right up on online dating. This is not a line daily for March 31. 2016. Tesla will reveal its much anticipated model 3 tonight and some details are already leaking out we know what's a sedan built on an all new platform and that a crossover will also be built on it to an analyst at current energy research advisors predicts the Eevee will have a 65 kilowatt hour battery pack any 225 mile range. The battery cells have 35 percent more energy than the cells in the model asks and acts ...

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