FBI Buys The Crack | Unfilter 182

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Our thoughts on why the FBI will never reveal its method to crack the iPhone, the Drone battle between the CIA & Pentagon & the creepy line Google crossed. Plus a quick 2016 race update, a bunch of “cyber” news & a packed overtime segment!

This is on filter episode 182 for 3/30/2016 the F. B. I. has broken the lock on the iPhone of one of the terrorists in the San Bernadine no massacre this may end the legal battle with apple that couldn't define privacy for the 20 first century. And welcome a beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest welcome again to another edition of unfiltered you better broadcasting's weekly show about the news you should be watching maybe you should be watching I don't know the election there's a 3 state sweep over the weekend we're gonna cover that were gonna cover cyber were gonna cover all that much more but in a chase working the controls Mister ...

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