The Apache Struts2 RCE Vulnerability - Application Security Weekly #30

published 1 year ago by Security Weekly

Keith Hoodlet and Paul Asadoorian talk about The Apache Struts2 RCE Vulnerability. They cover: - CVE-2018-11776 - How the 3 Ways of DevOps can guide us toward better security practices - Shared Version Control - Test Environments - Shared Ticketing - ChatOps - Buying Time Full Show Notes: Follow us on Twitter:

This week pawn I take a look at the latest Apache struts to vulnerability as a case study for why you should adopt DevOps practices in the news the popular video game fortnight is having a bad time on android oracle states that companies need to start paying for Java patches in 2019 and no Jess apparently has problems with cryptography stay tuned for all that and more on this episode of application security weekly. The. Production. Is the industry's first. But its security approach for containers trusted by global. Enterprises. As deputy ...

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