President-Elect Jennifer Conner, PA-C and the Benefits of Leadership

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President-Elect Jennifer Conner, PA-C, spoke to Dermcast about the role of a President-Elect and how members can get more involved in SDPA leadership.

Welcome to. I'm Diana and I. Conor. The president elect for the STP 8 board Jennifer welcome think thanks for being here. Can you fill us in on what president elect. Is what that role is sure so the president's term is a is a 3 year term and say what we hold elections each year we elect a new president elect. She kinda spend one year learning the roles . Learning the ropes behind the current president's before you really take on full positions as president the following year and then you spend a dish add an additional year as immediate past president. assisting. The current president president elect. Great can you share them with at with us anything you're looking forward to this term and then looking for 2 in the next Sir certain my big passion for the SCPA use has been philanthropy over the past few years we've ...

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