The Lively TV Show: Episode 4 - Chicago (Part 2)

published 5 years ago by Jess Lively

In this video, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how I created my mini-course, 'Work & Worth.' Then, I'll show you the apartment buildings I lived at in Chicago. 

Morning guy I'm on my way to Chicago to work on work in worth which is the new mini course I'm doing I'm not sure I've shared it yet by that point that this video is going live but I am so excited to go work with Meghan my curriculum designers to help me make it a reality. Work and. Earth many course with my curriculum designer. Well. So maybe it's actually help me with life with intention on. In doing that courses are so much content there and you help. Do it in and I just. The boy away and now I'm here again because I want to do the same thing again with work and worth so. Tell us about your like why are you like the person how math curriculums. Yeah so I started out working ...

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