Oddities: Scripps' Fascinating Collection of Ocean Life

published 3 months ago by UCTV

The Scripps Oceanographic Collections are world-renowned repositories supporting scientific research and education. They provide the basis for understanding the ocean's biodiversity, the evolutionary history of life on Earth, and the rates and characteristics of climate change. Get an insider’s view into fascinating creatures in these irreplaceable scientific collections. Series: "Jeffrey B. Graham Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture Series" [Show ID: 33732]

Good evening my name is Terry howling I'm the executive director here at the birch aquarium at Scripps I'd like to welcome you all to the Jeffrey B. Graham perspectives on ocean science lecture is my great pleasure this evening to introduce the speakers on our panel this evening the managers of the scripts biological collections that flimsy south bend fable and Charlotte's at. Lindsay Lindsay Saleh joined scripts in 2010 in is in is the museum's scientists and collections manager of the pelagic invertebrate collection following undergraduate degree in biology and chemistry from Illinois State University emphasizing insect ecology Lindsay continued with a graduate degree at San Diego state marine ecology with a thesis focused on marine invertebrate larval ecology she now special ...

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