Walking In Divine Favor #4

published 3 years ago by Jerry Savelle Ministries

Jerry Savelle shares biblical insight and personal examples of God's favor that will cause you to walk in a higher level of this life-changing spiritual force. God's amazing favor on his people can open doors, change rules, bring promotion, and cause you to excel in every way. There is no limit to what God's favor can do in your life.

Thank you everyone for joining us today audience. Studio. A joy to have you with us when. Being here. You're all busy. How do you busy lives. I believe in. As a result of it. A special blessing coming your way yeah. I have an aunt in Tulsa Oklahoma fact an early if you're watching today this is especially for you. But she's inner nannies now. And . chest as special cared. The people in our home there to take care of her and so forth. And I went by to see your ...

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