AD #1828 – Autonomy Could Help Improve Efficiency, GM Showing More Discipline, VW and Regulators Can’t Agree

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- VW Gets Extension - Chevy Camaro ZL1 Convertible - Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk - Honda and Hitachi Develop Breathalyzer Key - Autonomy Could Help Meet CAFE Regs. - New Startup Jumps Into Autonomous Car Pool - Google Maps Expands Ride-Sharing Options - GM Showing More Discipline Than Ford and FCA - VW and Regulators Can’t Agree on Diesel Fix

On today's show why Volkswagen can't figure out how to fix its diesels how what Thomas cars could improve fuel efficiency and how General Motors. Showing more discipline. And for her at CA on that more coming right up. Dave. Startling daily for March 25 of 2016. As we told you yesterday Volkswagen wasn't able to meet its deadline to come up with a fix for its diesel engines but VW locked out the U. S. district judge overseeing the case just gave the W. until April 21 to find a solution. We'll have more about this scandal coming up later on in the show. Now a couple of reveals left over from the New York Auto Show starting with the convertible version of the Chevy Camaro Z. al one. There are only minor structural differences but ...

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