Shaken Brussels | Unfilter 181

published 5 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Terror attacks in Brussels, major developments in Apple vs the DOJ, Western Tuesday's elections & of course news from around the world. It’s a packed edition of Unfilter this week. We cover the latest developments in the iPhone unlocking case, “Cyber Threats” & privacy threats. Some a few historical moments & our new Overtime segment.

This is unfiltered episode 181 for 3/23/2016 the first blasts at the airport afterward spoken dusty injured crying for help. And then on the subway in the center of the city the next explosion a subway car incinerated at rush hour you can hear the cries passengers running in the dark. Night at least 31 killed more than 200 injured. Fresh off western Tuesday the Brussels terrorist attacks and a man in a tree it's time again for another edition of unfiltered Cuban broadcasting's weekly show about the news you should be watching my name's Chasez Chris at the controls and you know Chris ...

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