Studying the Progression of Alzheimer's Disease with Bradley Hyman MD PhD - Shiley Endowed Lecture

published 3 months ago by UCTV

How do you model a disease process that stretches out over 20 years in a way that helps you intervene in that process? In the inaugural Shiley Endowed Lecture, Bradley Hyman, MD, PhD shares his research on the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Series: "The Brain Channel" [Show ID: 33992]

Hello welcome everybody to the inaugural shyly in doubt lecture series that was made possible by the generous support of Darlene Donald shyly and we just want to say a few things at the beginning because a it's really important to lay out the partnership that we've had with the Shiley foundation and how the shyly Marcos Alzheimer's disease research center at UCSD really was brought to a higher level through the generous support of Darlene so we're really working today to show. How further innovation collaboration and groundbreaking thinking within the field of Alzheimer's disease can take us to the next level and so for more than 3 decades the Shiley Marco sells timers disease research center has been leading the charge here at UCSD ...

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