AD #2419 – Opel Concept Hints at Future Design, Kona EV Bests Model 3 and Bolt EV, More People Like to Lease

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Opel Reveals All-New Concept SUV - Is Mid-Engine GM Test Car a Cadillac? - Formula E to Sell 1st-Gen Cars - Hyundai’s Performance N Brand Beating Expectations - Hyundai Kona Electric Range Revealed - VW is Going to Boost Production in Germany - More People Take to Leasing New Cars

On today's show we go from the old Opel GT to the new one Hyundai's performance and brand is doing better than expected and what does that mean engine car everyone is talking about is not a corvette all that and more coming right up online de. This is not a line daily the voice of the global automotive industry. Say remember the old Opel GT where here's an Opel concept car that uses the same name the Opel GT acts experimental is a small electric SUV with SAT level 3 autonomous capabilities styling highlights include a crease that runs down the center of the hood and into the facio and lower bumper the same a fact is reflected in the rear as well and notice how the shape of the grill and that scene creased are mirrored in the steering wheel ...

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