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Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz reflects on 20 years at Iowa and looks ahead to the 2018 season. SUBSCRIBE to Big Ten Network on YouTube - new highlights & features uploaded daily: Looking for videos for your favorite B

Twentieth year for Kirk ferrets at Iowa a feat that has not been accomplished in the big 10 in exactly 20 years when his predecessor Hayden fry finished off his brilliant career here parents joins fry woody Hayes and ocean Bakalar is the only big 10 coaches to go 20 years at the same conference school since the middle of last century. And I will head coach Kirk Ferentz joins us now and coach aside from the obvious that we're all a little bit older than we used to be winters 20 years here media every time I see a practice on my nose all white my hair is getting progressively getting us so it's it's a stark reminder but it it's been great you know just it's amazing how fast it's gone a good chuckle set number there and Chuck and I got her actually the same here back in 1981 us a lot of things have happened since that time but of the bottom line is just a great place to be I've no idea 1981 when I was walking into being a kid from Pittsburgh coming out here and on for the people that I've been able to associate with and work with its ...

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