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Dave Revsine,Gerry DiNardo,Howard Griffith and Chuck Long give their observations on the best thing they saw at Iowa's practice. SUBSCRIBE to Big Ten Network on YouTube - new highlights & features uploaded daily: Loo

Wrapping things up here from Iowa camp we do this every stop the best thing we saw today Chuck leaders off while you're looking for quarterbacks right Dave alike Nathan Stanley in a way he was going through his progressions that was the big thing with me is get down the second and third receiver and progression he did that today that's where he showed growth and I like the backup quarterback paid man's L. really threw the ball well today AJ FNS as a as a player that I liked last year coming in high rated god 5 star player I think this is going to be his breakout season I mean you know we may place form last year I think this year he's really poised to have a huge impact on this defense for the twelfth year in a row I'm gonna take the blocks drill it so that it's not it was 11. It was just what it's worth I think in 2011 you took something I was not going to lie to get through the fence while I back or so it's either 3 offensive lineman and to defense alignment or 3 office alignment to defensive lineman linebacker but the point is pad level this program was built at the widest ...

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