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Iowa TE Noah Fant talks about improving upon the 2017 season and how the team can become more consistent. SUBSCRIBE to Big Ten Network on YouTube - new highlights & features uploaded daily: Looking for videos for you

No offense at all FBS tight ends in yards per reception last year 16.5 per catch fish for nearly 500 receiving yards a whopping 11 touchdowns all sorts of preseason honors after signing the bus spend some time with our training camp creek. Joined by 1 of the top tight ends in the country no offense here of Iowa and no consistency I know is a big theme for this offense really has had 3 conference games last year were you scored 45 or more points and then any other 60 didn't hit 20 so how do you become more consistent you know honestly what we focus on with consistent is focusing on the you know the the smaller things the fundamental things like that that can on you know add up over a long period of time will you know if we can figure out the you know to do those small fundamental things to keep those things go on then though those are things that lead to consistency in you know score lie obviously you know office was a school 45 out at least 45 points a game so doing things like that is what you know creased ...

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