AD #2417 – Car Sales Red Hot in Russia, BMW M8 Wins 1st Race, MPG Freeze Will Lead to Fewer EV Sales

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- MPG Freeze Will Lead to Fewer EV Sales - Car Sales Red Hot in Russia - GM Expands in Uzbekistan - Wickens Survives Wicked Crash - BMW M8 Wins 1st Race - Lucid Motors in Talks with Saudi Wealth Fund - Creating Auto Show Displays

On today's show trumps MPG freeze will lead to fewer electrified cars last week it was test this week the Saudis want to invest in another Eevee car company and Robert we can survive a week it accident in Indy car racing all that and more coming right up online. This is not a line daily the voice of the global automotive industry. What's going to be the impact of president trump freezing fuel economy standards auto forecast solutions has done some forecasting on this and says there will be 400000 fewer electrified vehicles sold in the U. S. by 2025 it also predicts that foreign automakers will now start making more crossovers and their US plants instead of making passenger cars and it points out that trump higher import tariffs on steel in a ...

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