Attack Simulation - Enterprise Security Weekly #102

published 1 year ago by Security Weekly

Paul and Matt discuss all of the vendors providing attack simulation solutions, including why you want (or need) this type of solution, the problem(s) they solve, and differentiators. This is an exciting space, so exciting that Paul and Matt sweat A LOT as this was recorded live from our pool cabana in Las Vegas! Visit for all the latest episodes!

Welcome everyone we are here def con in the in updated and luxurious pool Cabana. Today we get upgraded it was that was that was a nice touch yelling at. I guess whoever was supposed to have this didn't want to in that we have it now we get it and now we get to talk about attack simulation not stimulation no hide my head it was along that last night but we're going to talk about attack simulation which is one of my favorite new categories yeah and I think it's one of my favorites because. The messaging early on was one component in John strain and I kind of misunderstanding this market as it was emerging it was new we thought that they were trying to replace pen testing and actually to walk credit that was some of say breeches early messaging. Since then I don't think it does not replace pen testing of the 2 great supplements pentropic kind of arguments right yeah but I think it has some other values ...

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