AD #1818 – More Diesel Jeeps for U.S. “Very Viable,” Audi Develops Composite Tooling, Ford Tests Autonomy in the Snow

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Jeep Working on Compass and Patriot Replacement - Jeep’s Awesome Moab Concepts - Audi Using Composite Tooling - Ford Tests Autonomy in the Snow - Ride-Sharing Won’t Pose Threat to Car Sales - Social Media Helps OEMs Shape Message

On today's show jeep reveal some wild concepts for its Easter safari how he develops new tools made out of composite materials. And another study shows ride sharing. Won't cut in a car sales. All that more coming right up. 90. Does not align daily for March 11 of 2016. Spent a long time coming but cheap will finally offer a replacement for the compass and patriot. Watch reports that the vehicle code name C. S. U. V. will start production in the fourth quarter of this year for the south American market however no word on when it will come to the U. S.. Jeeps global brand chief Mike Manley also confirm a hell cat power grand Cherokee. I'll start production in mid to late 2017 and more diesel powered jeep for the U. S. is quote very via ...

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