Monocle preview: April issue

published 3 years ago by Monocle

Our new issue is all about lasting impressions. In that spirit we’re making a mark with two brand-new supplements: alongside the first instalment of our annual Style Directory, this issue features a Property Survey and our Timekeeping and Penmanship supplement. Plus all the usual incisive reports and fresh photography, of course. Available now at [The Monocle Shop]( .

Mmhm politicos you stylish it looks at everything you need to know about cutting attached from the business is this is a buyer's breaking the boat yes the kids we think you might like to buy an issue also includes our inaugural surveys on property and the art of city building the worlds of time keeping and penmanship there's lots more that editors have discovered to. If this section we meet the aft. Controllers he believed he wants warts one night. Like. We had 3 U. S. to hear from 5 media personalities. Shake this year's presidential election. And we're in Taipei to see how the Taiwanese have to become a liberal speak in East Asia in the business section we head to the world style capital Milan but not a full move the luxury brands on the fashion runways but rather to meet the makers of accessories garments who still work in the city. There ...

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