Ontario Hubs: The Finnish Saunas of Thunder Bay

published 1 year ago

Thanks to Thunder Bay's large Finnish community, the city has a special fondness for the sauna. Northwestern Ontario Hubs journalist Jon Thompson talks about the Finnish effect in Thunder Bay.

For more in depth perspectives and interesting stories sign up for our daily newsletter TVO.org slash daily. With people fanned out across the province to enjoy some distinctly Ontario summer pleasures some are also enjoying a finish tradition that's now become a beloved pastime on the north shore of Lake Superior joining us now to explain that from our studio at confederation college in Thunder Bay or northwestern how journalist John Thompson welcome John. Thank you and it's good to be here now for anyone who hasn't been to Thunder Bay can you describe the importance of sonnets. Well first of all it's pronounced sound of the fins will have your tongue of you pronounce it saw that but but I mean we are on the the the coast of Lake Superior it's a frigid cold lake and even the smaller lakes around here are although they're small it ...

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