Doxing ISIS | Unfilter 179

published 3 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

It’s a document extravaganza this week, with newly released Bin Laden files, ISIS informants & document treasure troves. We cover what surely must be a great week for the intelligence agencies. Plus an update on the Apple vs DOJ case, the latest terrorism bogeyman, a 2016 race update, a high-note & even more!

This is a filter episode 179 for 3/10/2016 handle trove of intelligence about ISIS is being analyzed since morning or partners and Sky News reportedly received 22000 documents containing the real names addresses and phone numbers of suspected ISIS fighters from at least 51 different countries a man claiming to be a disgruntled former ice is member passed on the information the Syrian opposition group also claiming to have the data says the information revealed the identities of more than 1700 jihadis the ice is registration form as recruits 23 questions like. What is your previous fighting experience of what special skills they have and whether they want to be a fighter come Mando or martyrdom seeker ...

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