Biodiversity Loss Human Health and Social Conflict: Justin Brashares

published 3 months ago by UCTV

As climate change cuts into biodiversity, humans will be among the species at risk. We know this because we can already see the pattern. Berkeley ecologist and wildlife biologist Justin Brashares studies how economic and political systems affect the environment and how the changing environment in turn impacts culture. Series: "Cal Future Forum: Our Changing World" [Show ID: 33082]

200000000 children woke up this morning as slaves 200000000 many of these children like this a boy was photographed here sleeping at one of our research sites in Ghana join tens of millions of adults as forced laborers in the fishing industry the global fishing industry and the fishing industry sets at the frontline of the human response to environmental change. Every day hundreds of thousands of both head out from ports around the world and drop their net in the water in competition for a multi $0 resource resource that provides 13 percent of all jobs on our planet also provides the primary source of animal protein for the 2000000000 poorest people on our planet but 2 thirds of global fisheries are over exploited on so ...

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