ScienceCast 211: Indonesian Solar Eclipse

published 4 years ago

Indonesian solar eclipse. Presented by science at NASA. The forests of Indonesia our homes to one of the richest populations of song birds in the world. Eco tourists travel from far and wide to listen to them sing from the leafy canopy of the nation's volcanic islands. On 3/9/2016 not long after sunrise. A time when the forest is usually filled with tweaks. Trills and warbles. The song birds of Indonesia will go silent. That is how songbirds respond to a total eclipse of the sun. Eclipse chasers have had the date marked on the calendar for years. It is the only total eclipse of 2016. During the early hours of March 9. The new moon will pass directly in front of the sun. The moon's shadow will lance down toward earth making landfall initially in the Indian Ocean ...

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