2018 New Venture Competition Finals

published 4 months ago by UCTV

Since its beginning in 1999, the UCSB New Venture Competition provides a unique opportunity for UCSB students to learn how to start a business. This eight-month educational experience, with activities and curriculum spanning the entire academic year, culminates with the New Venture Finals, where the finalist teams present an investor pitch to a panel of judges for prize money. Series: "Innovator Stories: Creating Something from Nothing" [Show ID: 33938]

So my name is Shub Kodak and worse that. What we're all about and our mission is to make podcast more relevant and more profitable. We look at the media industry what we saw was billions and billions of dollars are going to the media industry this year. Had this explosion content content can be create fast enough but when we look at podcasting what we saw an audience size of 48000000 listeners listen to 6.5 hours a week let's compare that to say Netflix Netflix has 98000000 listeners out people watch podcast or sorry 90000000 people that watch video for 11:00 hours a week now Netflix has twice the audience size and twice the attention. But given how much money is spent and ...

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