The World's Biota: Rosemary Gillespie

published 4 months ago by UCTV

By measuring patterns of species diversity in ecosystems that differ in age and human impact, insect ecologist Rosemary Gillespie says we can start to understand what features of a natural community provide stability in the face of intrusions driven by climate change and other threats from our own species. Series: "Cal Future Forum: Our Changing World" [Show ID: 33075]

We embrace diversity in large part that's why we travel we go and see exotic places where you can see here the smell fight signs of new things what I want to convey to you today is that asks we travel we take with us organisms basically work conducting a kind of giant dating game and see what's coming out to the end what we're doing in our group here at UC Berkeley is trying to figure out how to maintain functionality and systems in the face of globalization we can't help time the idea of diverse city from a very young age Pokemon you got to capture mall and always the **** the rarest the ones that were hardest to get we can all ...

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