ScienceCast 210: Close Encounters with Jupiter

published 4 years ago

Lucent comes with Jupiter. Presented by science at NASA. 413000000 miles sounds like a long way. Something you can see in March might change your mind. On 3/8/2016. Earth and Jupiter will have a close encounter. At only 413000000 miles apart. Jupiter rises in the east at sunset churning 3 times brighter than Sirius the brightest star in the sky. The giant planet will be up all night soaring almost overhead at midnight and not setting into the sky brightens with the twilight hues of sunrise on March 9. Earth Jupiter close encounters happen every 13 months when the earth's orbit laps Jupiter's orbit in their race around the sun. Astronomers call these events oppositions of Jupiter. Because Jupiter in the son are on opposite sides of the sky ...

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