Myths About Aging: What’s Real?

published 3 months ago by UCTV

Five myths about aging are debunked: Older people are either super healthy or super frail; You are completely responsible for how well you age; Older people will eventually lose their memory; Most older people will end up in nursing homes; There is nothing to look forward to in older age. Series: "Mini Medical School for the Public" [Show ID: 33744]

Good evening everyone welcome so nice to see you all I see some familiar faces I'm image photos on the co chair of the course and currently an assistant professor in the division of geriatrics in the department of medicine here and I'm very pleased to present this evening with my colleague Dr Linda Machen on just briefly like to introduce her she's gonna present with me we're gonna go back and forth ought to talk this evening with you about miss of aging. Also just briefly Linda is a nurse practitioner and PhD nurse in our school of nursing and experienced educator I and professor here at our university so ...

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