How teachers can help kids find their political voices | Sydney Chaffee

published 8 months ago by TED Conferences LLC

Social justice belongs in our schools, says educator Sydney Chaffee. In a bold talk, she shows how teaching students to engage in activism helps them build important academic and life skills -- and asks us to rethink how we can use education to help kids find their voices. "Teaching will always be a political act," Chaffee says. "We can't be afraid of our students' power. Their power will help them make tomorrow better."

To me social justice is a simple concept it's the notion that all people in a society deserve fair and equitable rights opportunities and access to resources but it's become controversial and nebulous because we've stopped talking about what working for social justice actually looks like. Working for social justice can look like this. Or this. It can look like this. Where can look like this or my favorite it can look like that. Those are my students and whenever I'm asked to articulate my work or my priorities as a teacher I explain that I believe education can be a tool for social justice ...

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