Super Tuesday Smackdown! | Unfilter 178

published 3 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

It’s our live coverage of 2016’s Super Tuesday political ride. Special guest host Michael Dominick joins for coast-to-coast coverage of one of the more important nights in the 2016 election. Plus updates on the FBI vs Apple story & other great discussions!

Spoke might not interrupt our conversation about trump and what not but Clinton just one little bit there and Sanders one little bit that we continue on actually that's just me covering for a power outage our live coverage continues here of super Tuesday I'm if it's a 178 of the until the show not are not our normal format and also not normally join us but I'm very happy to have him here is Mister Michael diamond from the court radio program so Mike right before we lost power I believe you had something to say about Carson and how I want it as a job then yes it Dr Ben Carson you know and I think that one of the larger stories about the selection so far has been. I don't want to say that the Republicans have gone insane or schizophrenic because that would be insulting to schizophrenic people. Hello my whole we got it we had a. They both go go go 49 percent for Marco Rubio Ted. 9 percent that Donald Trump maintaining a late ...

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