Industrial - Not Grandpa's Buildings Anymore

published 9 months ago by Commercial Real Estate Show

Are tariffs, trade concerns and rising interest rates dampening industrial real estate performance? Or will the continued increase in e-commerce continue to drive the industrial sector? Michael and his guests share an inside look at the sector including forecasts and opportunities for developers, property owners and tenants.

Welcome back to America's commercial real estate so Michael ball this item is brought to you by my company bull realty asset and occupancy solutions visible what they were talking about industrial real estate and know what a great sector's been on a on a great run for several years and boy industrial folks really need it seems like there was some tough times in past years but boy is really been a role well now we have a big developer if you've heard of majestic realty I'm sure around the country we have will on board with us he's a VP with majestic realty's went Studio 1 with this well thanks for being with us thanks for having me well we've all heard about the. At E. commerce in these really big buildings these really big ...

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