066 - Caen Castle

published 3 years ago by Dan Snow

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Good morning everybody hello from. Cole Normandy. This beautiful site undone snow I bring you history films from around the world. Check this out William the conqueror's. Costs a carrier. Welcome everybody welcome welcome welcome. And we give the camera to my friends mark. Okay will serve everybody this is within the Congress costs a bit about 1060 before he became 1 in Concord news juke William of Normandy because I'm here in northern France in Normandy and it is totally awesome online I'm well known device no recall nobody so I really wish to you once costs destroyed it's destroyed because of the French Revolution the revolutionary government ordered that made a great costs the front would ruin to destroy the us why destroyed but does can William the conqueror Scott was when the **** gossip this procedure called hold down here. See the remains down here they go and one of his sons I think collection ...

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