Yamaha YAS-108 sound bar offers better TV sound for less

published 6 days ago by CNET.com

The Yamaha YAS-108 is a budget sound bar with great sound and a fine selection of useful features

One of the best reason to spend just $200 on a samba. This the Yamaha Y. AS one of I this is a single samba without a subwoofer includes HDMI inputs and excellent sound. This Yamaha is 2 inches tall and 35 inches wide is designed to sit in front of your TV all hang on the wall with a pair of key hole mounts the speaker has a gyroscope inside which just the sound depending on which way you mountain retreat some but it has a lot of features including HDMI in and out with the latest 4 K. HD a compatibility. It also has not one but 2 simultaneous Bluetooth connections so you and a house make can be connect the soundbar once though you can only play from one at a time December has so called subwoofers on board but if you need it more base that includes a subwoofer output seeking connector aren't remotely comes in the box is very good for cheek speak up with plenty of control options and a well thought out layout the Yamaha comes with a couple of ...

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