Sunday 12 August Full Program

published 1 week ago by ABC News and Current Affairs

Barrie Cassidy interviews Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg, and Fiona Katauskas talks pictures with The Feed’s Jan Fran. On the panel are The Australian’s Niki Savva, Guardian Australia’s Lenore Taylor and The Saturday Paper’s Mike Seccombe.

The federal government's K. energy policy still has a pulse but more than ever it's now which between competing political interests welcome to insiders. The national energy guarantees essentially on hold the work continues but the critical support from the states the potty room and the parliament is yet to come and he is the dilemma for the government the life of states once on off not yet anyway because they feel what the skeptics in the coalition party remote too and the skeptics in the party room once on off because I feel what concessions the states might ultimately get it's a vicious circle and it's a political balancing act for the energy minister Joe fraud and Berg who ...

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