Talking Pictures

published 1 week ago by ABC News and Current Affairs

Freelance cartoonist Fiona Katauskas talks pictures with Jan Fran of SBS’s The Feed.

I'm freelance cartoonists task is filling in for my balance and I'm talking pictures this week with the force of nature that is Jan friend SBS's the fade good morning Chad morning and thank you so much for coming. Very welcome I love that introduction force of nature it's on my business card now well friend it was all about how politics this week again as the names of CIA agents continued sorry about that terrible time that night not not I'm not sorry for it. David rife in the financial review the marvelous miss that is David Dreier he's here with. Josh Ryan big picking into the attic man tumbles asking have you found the problem Josh question mark and lo and behold this appears to be a big tent of some kind wearing Budgie smugglers bonhomie choice over here with a cobra they're not even knowing in the attic like they're in the house ...

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