The Acer Swift 7 takes bragging rights as "world's thinnest laptop"

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Even at just 8.98mm thick, this laptop includes a 14-inch touchscreen and backlit keyboard.

Pulling out the Acer swift 7 is like doing a great party trick in a bar you want to see just how fiddle laptop can get everyone nods you reveal the 8.98 millimeter fix swift 7 because of the size is you really do have to split hairs and it looks even more impressive because of the big 14 inch screen that's great and all but being the thinnest laptop in town isn't enough to keep my interest after that wow factor first impression what's more impressive is that I actually loved using this with 7 is my main laptop it manages to include a bright 14 inch full HD display and 1 that's also a touchscreen all in a silent families Bonnie the keyboard is very typable and there's a large touchpad just be where that because this laptop is so thin that touch band is just that a pad it doesn't click down so everything is done through tapping of course I had to compare to other really thin laptops like the macbook pro and the H. B. specter the specter is 10.4000000 ...

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