TWiRT Ep. 407 - SSL Console Technology with Steve Zaretsky and Dan Griffin

published 1 week ago by guysfromqueens

For over 4 decades Solid State Logic has been a respected and trusted audio console maker, implementing leading technology to make audio production better. Now with Audio over IP connectivity and the introduction of “console-less consoles”, SSL is taking their latest tech on tour across North America. Steve Zaretsky and Dan Griffin allowed us into their mobile demo truck to talk about AoIP technology and the latest use-cases for network-based mixing consoles.

Coming up on this weekend radio check warning go inside this truck and see an SSL console and hear from Stephen Dan all about the technology that's coming up next on towards this weekend radio check is brought to you by broadcasters general store with outstanding service saving and support online at BGS.CC by the new ruby console from Laval. The level of your future at slash worked by the telos alliance shaping the future of audio inspired you to create the most exciting gauging audio experiences imaginable. Visit telos slash. Do you. A friend's welcome into this week of a radio check it's the shore we talk about everything from up the microphone to the life of the top of the tower at the day we are taken out incredible detour we're in a truck and amazing truck that's owned by the folks at SSL solid state logic and they are taking this truck around America and ...

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