Mat Men Ep. 226 - Sell Out at the Garden!

published 3 months ago by guysfromqueens

Summer is still kicking and the boys are back in town! This week the guys come back with a very meaty show! They chat NJPW G1, Summerslam, Brock Lesnar, Stars who would commit to the indies, possible returns, NXT, and ROH/NJPW selling out Madison Square Garden!

Everybody walking the madman your source for all things professional wrestling I mean Xander because I'm joined by the innovator of struggles rich stand by to get these new innovative strudel that I'm making a fantasy novels yeah yeah I don't want to get through who doesn't mind a good studio determine that was the thing. But I students people through the people surely anywhere that now now that we can get around any talk about his ****. I think is that people get upset about now are. Baffling to me I saw a good meme the other day were it was it was like 17 hundreds. I want our independence 18 hundreds worked. A 16 hour days 19 hundreds went to war twice. 2000 offended. Yeah. People are very offended over time a Tonga. And I think that the work okay first we'll tell the guy was not a plant. We'll talk about that by the way what we're back ...

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