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published 1 week ago

Leo Laporte helps Larry troubleshoot a strange audio problem where only one TV channel is not broadcasting audio correctly. For the full episode, visit Host: Leo Laporte You can find more about TWiT and subscribe to our full shows at

Larry el Cajon California is next hello Larry Leo laporte the tech. Not only are we doing today for not even agree not yet the jobs or radio all thank you. Thank you. Question is I have our mandate television from a pawn shops H. lotus. But it was just a dream that I did so quite a few articles I bet you did. IBM is that it's an RCA. Problem is it on channel 37 which is far down here. The sound it does work the pictures for the for the sound does not work during the program and because I was fat cells watching it using the close caption feature all that's interesting there's a workaround. The picture came on or when the commercial came on the sound started working wait a minute what. Yes. So only the commercials have often. And like I could make you look up these types of purgatory ...

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