August 2018 Monthly Meeting with Aimee Sison

published 7 months ago by Citizens

How do we leverage our messaging on social media? Aimee Sison, Digital Director with Climate Nexus, works to further the climate change and clean energy narrative across digital and social media platforms. She also works with partners to amplify messages in new, creative ways to online audiences. Originally from the Philippines, Aimee’s passion for climate change is fueled by seeing her homeland suffer the negative impacts of global warming.

Well welcome everybody I had the wonderful pleasure of hosting our call today we sent mark on big occasions that he can do since they bring with his family and I want to welcome you all to our call to our August call I want you to give. Who will introduce shortly Amy says and from climate nexus so Amy before you start I would like to tell you a little bit about the people whom you will be talking to. Climate change is a big scary topic but our people have a way of bringing loving little details of life into their storytelling to inspire action. So that is what they do I'm going to read a letter to the editor written by one of our volunteers at the Richmond times dispatch published recently this letter demonstrates what our volunteers do much better than I can explain. Dear editor super hero culture is big at our house right now ...

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