Fortnite on Note 9!

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Samsung's got a tiny little exclusivity window on Fortnite before it's a cross-Android beta. And anyway, you want to see Fortnite on the Note 9, so: here.

It's 494 nights sitting and writing open beta in just a matter of days but if you're a Samsung device owner you can download fortnight now and begin playing it and here it is on the Samsung galaxy note 9 if you're curious. I diving and by the way absolutely terrible and 4 nights a lot of other people might be better than me. Available on I was for awhile injury donors are gonna get their hands on it and if you happen to get a Samsung galaxy note Niners have for you can also get in for 4 nights if you're into that. The screen actually is it's nice to plan a large screen. Crashed into a tree. I think the people of actually been downloading for night here even though they weren't originally on the number 9. So we found a unit that has 49 on it. And we're giving it applies seriously this is my 4 inches this it's much better to play on mobile I would say on a screen that is basically about the same ...

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