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The things you don't think you will hear when you wake up! I just did some loop de loops in the hijacked aeroplane, I never really thought about landing it ect" . These are some of the quotes from the man who decided to take the bombardier out for a joyride. Its wild to see this Seattle plane fly around the area. I can't imagine what prompted him to take it out, but leave your comments and thoughts below! #news #breakingnews #hijackedairplane

Welcome a bear family we have something in the news today that has nothing to do with the stock market or the digital asset space although if you were sitting in a theory miss today when it fell and collapsed down this a similar feeling of the story might come through plane crash was actually hijacked by someone that was considered a suicidal member of the airline that they're working with the Verizon air which and Alaska Airlines subsidiary on they were flying around Seattle Tacoma there actually veered away from the area they were doing loop de loops. Or was to listen to rules applying round so this is not considered a terrorist attack this was considered more of a kamikaze joy ride. Going to disappoint them. The year that I did that. I would like to apologize. Everyone of them now F. fifteens were actually scrambled in a very short period of time from one of the new ...

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