EEVblog #1114 – NEW TS80 USB Soldering Iron Review

published 3 months ago by David L. Jones

Review of the new 18W USB-C TS80 temperature controlled portable soldering iron. TLDR; Highly recommended, money well spent if you need a portable iron solution, but you need a QC3 battery pack.

Hi in a previous video we took a look at a 5 WSP so ordering online and well still worked and it might be kinda useful for some applications it's not something I would have any faith in what so ever about.unite being like robust and reliable and everything else so I thought I'd take a look at another US base salary 9 and this is the brand spanking new TS IED soldering online yes it's kind of I guess the little brother is it all of the TS 100 which everyone absolutely raves about but the good thing about this is that it is a U. S. B. power at all and as opposed to the DC barrel Jack used in the TS 100 so not nearly as convenient if you're out in the field so this could be really interesting it's a 70 I think it's our 72 US dollars at the moment delivered on Ali expressed it's an order of magnitude more expensive than that shape us $5 all and bought ...

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