E845: News Roundtable! Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt & Gadget Guy Dave Mathews, NewAer: Tesla going private—or getting purchased?, Twitter trolls, Discord takes on Steam, ISPs out of control & out of touch, intro PH Sip News, bike-share bike piles towering ar

published 3 months ago by ThisWeekInStartups.com

This we can start ups is brought to you by. Where space. Check out squarespace.com for free trial it when you're ready to lunch use offer code twist to save 10 percent off your first purchase of a website or domain Hoover read all about the ways movers moving forward by going to over.com slash moving forward end linked in linkedin as marketing tools to help you target your customers with precision for free $100 linkedin add credit to launch your first campaign go to linkedin.com slash this weekend start ups. Hey everybody everybody welcome to another episode of this week and start ups it's our news roundtable edition you all of the news round table when we go to go through all the incredible news that's happening in. Technology from Tesla to the death of social to do ...

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