FIYM’s Lost Disney Channel's Forever Boys Vampire Pilot, New Music + Netflix Alexa & Katie

published 6 months ago by Piper Reese

❤️You just found our new interview with Forever In Your Mind! If ya didn’t see the last one, check it out here:

It's a hyper and this is my new interview with your mind from kids choice awards if you remember us talking about forever boys awhile back that was their show that everyone was really excited about they have a concert 60 years before they get bitten by a vampire 60 years later they're performing again so I asked about that in the interview and I also ask them about their upcoming tour with their new music from you guys like it ceases. Recent papers 60 be and I. So tell me what's going on with your music okay so we just released our E. P. euphoric minute it's been about a year since we released our last one so it's complete different styles a little more mature a little more on how you see urban army will more pop can you sing something. 0 make me. And it's the. The ...

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