6 DIY STORAGE HACKS in 90 seconds for Cameras and Lenses!!

published 6 months ago by Ted Forbes

Organize your gear with these 6 ideas from household items. Photographers end up with a lot of cameras and lenses. If your gear is taking up too much space or lives all over the house, I've got some tips for you on how you can get it organized and ready for use at all times. All of these storage devices are repurposed from items you can get at the store and are affordable. Watch the video to… • Organize your lenses so they are ready for use • Store your cameras where you can get to them without taking up an entire counter surface • Convert a pantry shelf designed for can goods to store all of your lenses • Use a modular shelf system that's customizable • Use a hook system for camera straps, bags, or backpacks Music is from Epidemic Sound. If you need music for your videos, Epidemic is simply the best in the business. Check them out here:

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