Incarcerated Women

published 6 months ago

Romy Hall, a.k.a. Inmate W314159, is serving two consecutive life sentences plus six years in Rachel Kushner's third novel "The Mars Room." The American author and National Book Award finalist talks to Nam Kiwanuka about women in prison and the hopelessness of being left behind by the so-called American Dream.

For more in depth perspectives and interesting stories sign up for our daily newsletter slash daily. There is always more to the story and thankfully in her third book the Mars room novelist Rachel Kushner has turned her considerable writing talent to unraveling the sometimes brutal truth of that through her character roomy hall HK inmate W. 314159. It is a story of women in prison and the hopelessness of a certain class would be left behind by the American dream. They took us does first novels were both finalists for the American national book awards and we're pleased to welcome her tonight hi Rachel hi is really nice to have you here thanks it's nice to be here how did you come to write a novel about a women in prison. Well I decided to 6 years ago in 2012 that I wanted to learn everything I possibly could about the criminal justice system in ...

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