Global National: Aug 10

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The Friday, August 10, 2018 edition of Global National, hosted by Farah Nasser

On this Friday night for people gunned down including 2 police officers. Why it Fredericton neighborhood becomes a deadly crime scene nobody wants come out of their houses the horror again and see what I saw the victims and the accused gunman. Actionable activities that a major mosque in Ottawa a global news investigation a Canadian vanishes without a trace in California I want somebody to find my husband. The growing. Some of the. The search. Plus a red hot voyage to the sign the solar secrets NASA hopes to expose. Global national with Donna Friesen. Reporting tonight. Nasser. Good evening and thank you for joining us devastation and shock in Fredericton across the country tonight 4 people including 2 police officers are dead one man is in custody and police were mourning the loss ...

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