Despite Alexa, GE's Scan-to-Cook microwave isn't very smart

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Both the app and the Scan-to-Cook feature feel as though they're still in beta.

This drab exterior the G. he's smart countertop microwave has a few cool tricks I can use the genie app on my phone to scan the barcode on this frozen meat the apps shows the instructions on the box but then I hit send and it automatically sets the microwave to the proper time if I need to stir it'll go through the initial step then 7 next up to the microwave automatically when I open the door I'll even get a push notification when the microwave is done cooking plus Alexa. Pause the microwave. Okay how cool is that. The appliance you use when you don't feel like cooking now it asks even less of you better yet it's only 100 fourty Bucks so it's within the normal price range of a dumb microwave except. In practice this game could feature still needs work lots of seemingly ...

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