Emerging Market Bloodbath (Economic Collapse 2019?)

published 1 week ago by Tijo- The Arcane Bear

Watching the markets as they turn red in the emerging market economy, even though its likely a leading indicator, it should lead to even more bullish movement in Bitcoin when the rest of the world realizes their governments have essentially scammed them out of their life savings. Fiat money systems will always collapse, the USD is no different. #bitcoin #blockchain #crypto

The black junior came there and it's on asking bloodbath that's the news on is your hatch today no I don't normally cover of traditional markets but I think this one is extremely important if you assume is your header will pose a slimmed down below emerging markets collapse as Turkey's tantrum spreads so basically what a singer and I'm quoting from 0 hedge throw July many sell side analysts on the stability in emerging market assets as a sign that the worst was over and urge investors to pile back in to take advantage the blood in the streets and the end of the street level. So I'm just quickly show down here this is where they're telling people to buy in and we've dropped to even lower areas such as about as one veteran emerging market trader in Brazil explained to us this morning this is a blood bath and liquidity is totally disappeared it's proved all retail investors to Polish ETFs and their advisers said that was a no brainer the real pressure though is in the the real ...

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