AutoComplete: Porsche built a rally-spec Cayman GT4 Clubsport

published 1 week ago

Plus: China's got beef with Benz's brakes and Ford may build a new Bronco II crossover.

Here's what's making news on road show Porsche took its awesome track only came in GT 4 clubsport Wexham bigger shocks a light put on it and it's going rally yeah we're pretty close to hyperventilating here to the car is currently one of concept we driven by remain 2 months at the rally Deutschland later this month and we can only imagine that would be nothing less than incredible with PK gearbox naturally aspirated flat 6 and sweet sweet roofs group bill more than one Porsche and let us have a go China's pumping the proverbial breaks on a shipment of U. S. built receive these bins SUVs over alleged problem but they're not at all proverbial actual breaks the Chinese government is making a fuss over the rear brake system on the GOP Angelus SUV's saying that they're unsafe because they're insufficient leaving everybody else to say huh it seems much more likely this move is a former television over the troubled ministrations terrace. Where in the camp fires at for is prepping 2 variants of Bronco SUVs frailes nerds have been waiting for a new 1 since 19961 will actually be a real deal offered with body on frame construction and the other 1 ...

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