How to Turn Up Your Client Attraction -

published 6 months ago by Abiola Abrams

How to Turn Up Your Client Attraction - Life Coaching or Healing Business

We. Let's hear what a beautiful day that we're having I'm Abiola and welcome. Somers. I am so jazzed about all of you who have been tuning in live daily 6:00 PM eastern standard time on Instagram a base but and sending me great question we've been talking about money we've been talking about your finals we've been talking about building your business and your call getting your coaching clients and all that good stuff so if you missed any of it you can find I'm replays as they re runs yeah I think the primary rents and the replays at will on Facebook or on you too because Kaelin is in the house hello gore did is hello Instagram hello based but hello bones the hello you too watching on the replay and my Twitter peeps ...

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